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A List of Top Notch Companies that have helped me on my way!!!

Roberts Cycle's

Based in Cryoden, if your doing a long distant trip they are the company, 100% custom and, they know what you want before you do.


Torm Cycling Jerseys

So having taken a very long time to find the perfect jerseys i finally think I found them with a company called Torm. A great UK set up who simply do jerseys. They will take your money but are much more interested in speaking with you, finding out if it will fit in with what your doing and where your going. A great find and a company I can not recommend highly enough. Reviews to follow.

Harrison Beaumont Specalist insurance

It has been very hard to find a company who would cover my bike, most hung up the phone when I said out of Europe for longer than 30 days. Then there is also the lock, it must be Sold Secure Gold and this will weigh more than the bike, with harrsion Beaumont this is not the case!!!!Great costumer service, and easy to talk to. Reviews to follow!!


Endura Clothing

A Scottish based company, been doing it for years and make top quality stuff. There will hopefully be a number of products on the way to me soon and they have been a great help. 



Fibrax components

So fingers crossed when I run out of brakes pads these guys will be on hand to wing me out some new ones. Another great little British based company supporting the adventure. Wont feature to much in my trip but great to have on board, really friendly team and a company with a good ethos.

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