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Regrettably I will not be taking many paper books (too heavy/big) but will be taking a kindle, so if you have any great reads you can recommend please do let me know. Send reviews through - 300 words or less please.                                  

Book reviews



Unfortunately I am going to get mugged, hopefully not too many times!!! So the trick is to have some dummy wallets, so any spares/old/charity shopped wallets you have, I would much appreciate. If you could throw in some old loyalty cards that would be to keep it authentic!!!!

p.s the naffer the better.

It's a bloody long ride so I would love to discover new music along the way. If you're computer savvy why not send through some podcasts, or direct me to some good listens.


So this is space for any support or donations you can offer me, below is list of what i am after.

A little help.


On my travels I hope to experience the hospitality of many people so thought it would not be right to part company without giving them a small gift - my idea is UK based postcards. So, if you have any outstanding cards and are happy for them to go on an adventure, please do donate them to me.

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