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Paper Work

So this is probably the most boring page, yet probably the most important. Paper work will be covering, 

  • Insurance bike and individual

This has been a tricky one, I will start with the easy bit, Individual Insurance, so this cover my self for cycling in any country for any time, it also covers my gear up to about £500, medical cover and all that. I have used DogTag insurance, they do this stuff on a daily basis, so call them up tell them what your doing and they will give you a price so that your covered. Very easy to talk to, all the office cycles and they simply understand what you need,

Moving on to the bike insurance. This is a tricky one!!! so you want to take a lock but if your bike is over a certain value 90% of the insurance companies want you to have an approved lock usually through the Sold Secure rating. This means you then have to find a lock that is not the weight of small horse, but you want to be covered out or Europe...........thirdly for more than 30days. I tried 6 of the major companies and no joy at all. 

Then I stumbled across Harrison Beaumont Insurance..............brilliant, called them up cover all of the bike for 12months any country with any lock.....perfect. Give Matt and call and he will sort you out

  • Jabs

Go to your GP, they have a pretty good system, you say your going here, there, everywhere they tell you what you need.

They can usually give you 75% of what you need for free. Then ask them about the ones you have to pay for and what their prices are. My local surgery could proved everything I needed and saved me around £150!! 

So I am having

Rabies 3x£45 (take a month to complete)

Japanese encephalitis I got for 2x40 

Hep B free - 3 injections over 6months!!!!!!

Hep A free - 2x injections over a month ( I think)

Tetanus free 1x

Diphtheria free 

typhoid free

and some more I cant remember will update shortly.

  • Visa's

On going, lots

  • Money

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