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Tent Vaude Hogan Ultralight - this is Lavinia's tent. It has done us well for some much smaller cycling trips. Perfect for one -will be pretty cosy when people join me.

Roll mat & sleeping bag - Alpkit  pipe dream 400.

So the big debate continues, down or synthetic.  If you're going light weight, it has to be down - the packed down size and warmth range quickly outweighs the worry of getting it wet!!! If you're touring you should know how important looking after your gear is, so simply look after and you will be fine. Can smell a bit after a while though (or might just be me)

Mamot Pillow
Seems comfy, has a fleece outer lining, which gives it the comfort, but in heat may be a big downside. Was pretty expensive for what it is, but has a stuff sack so fingers crossed it will be a nice comfort.

Pannier Bags

So had these a while, thought there was not point in messing about with the cheaper ones so just went all out and brought the best I could. 

Rear Panniers - Ortlieb Classics plus, in grey.

I have already down 1000miles with these and so far all good. Loads of space, strong design so all good. The rack fitting is a bit fiddly and I have court the handles in the jaws once or twice, and they hooks to keep it close to the rack seem a bit weak and occasionally pointless deepening what rack you have. You really need to sit down for an hour and work out the best postion, oh and find the right tools, pretty tricky.  

Also I can not say I have been out in a proper rain session, so where the rollers classic have that water seal, this simply have a missive lid/flap so will be interested to see how they perform. 

The extra pouch on the front though is great, cooking stove, food, gloves what ever pretty useful. 

Front Panniers - Ortlieb Rollers, in grey.

So not done many miles with these, little smaller than i thought they would be, but probably a good thing, keep the weight down. Sold design, might buy some further guiders to put the back, but over all seem fixed. Only thing is the jaws seem very stiff, real tight squeeze to get them on to the rack rails, (tried with both inserts) To be honest probably a good thing, just means they wont move round so much.

Racktop Bag - Ortlieb 31L, in black.

Just got this today, bigger that I thought, will fit loads in it I hope. Fitting it though is a little awkward as its not compatiable with the classics, so will be a case of bun-jee cording it on. Seems tough though so will review once I have used it a bit more.

MSR whsiper light international 

Well it was a rocky start, with a number of arguments!! All I can say is before you use it, take it apart, put it back together, take it apart again!! Also don't be afraid of fire, the more the better!!! You may and should know this but the quicker the copper ring heats up the quicker the jet begins. Very light and rugged, annoying you can't control the temp, but gets the job done with ease (once it's working)

Otlieb 10l water sack, might not ever need it, but thought it would be worth having in my inventory.

Pots and Pans, These currently have not been purchased, cheap and cheerful might be the way, shall let you know (if your interested, guessing probably not)


So in the end I went for ALPKIT titanium pot/frying pan with a free mug. Sounded ideal £40 for a pot, lid coming frying pan and a mug, all in Titanium. 

They have now arrived and on first impression not overly impressed, I just think they need a little further design put in to them (or I should of been a little wiser) eg, I have made breakfast and think i will save some for brunch, but hold on the lid does not fasten on........put it in my bag it wont be long till it all falls out................!!! ok I can use an elastic band but you would of thought they might of that about this. Then there is the size I just thought they might be a little bigger, Put it this way if any one joins me, please bring your own pots. I have not used them yet, so once they have been heated, bent, scratched I will go in to more depth. Will they last to Bris........unsure currently. Oh they do come in little mesh bags which is good.

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