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About Ed and Bridget

So, this is the 'about' section.........ummm, I am Ed Cox an active 26 year old looking for a bit of an adventure!!!
For the last 3/4 years I have been being a grown up, saving my pennies, driving a desk and the paying bills - so now it's time to push all that aside and get on out there!!

From an early age I hated walking, so as soon as I was given my first bicycle, a whole new world was opened up.  Walking an energetic black dog quickly turned into cycling with an energetic black dog. My bike gave me such a freedom, that my parents would and could happily lose me for a good weekend as I tore up the Sussex countryside. I am now the proud owner of 7 bikes and believe it is the transportation of choice. 
So, about my adventure.......... 
The plan is to simply get out there, nothing more, nothing less, a good old fashioned adventure. I am not trying to set records, beat times or 100% focus on Charity (sorry).
It's such a big old world and the technology we have only seems to scare people more of it so I'm going slowly, talking to strangers and gaining stories!! 

Why did I choose Brisbane? To be honest I am not really sure, just sounded right. I wanted to see how far I could head west without taking a plane. So Brisbane seemed to be the place, also a free bed with a pretty lady was on offer......too good.
Unfortunately due to the current world climate I will be plane'ing it when I have to.    
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